Note that there is a different option for Videos and Music.

xbmc tv database not updating-89

In here select all the files which ends with a “.db” suffix and delete them one by one except for

Restart your Kodi and enjoy the ability to update once again!

If you aren’t familiar with how to install add-ons, check out our guide.

Scroll down until you find the add-on, then install it.

If that’s you, re-scanning the library probably isn’t good enough.

Library Auto-Update is a Kodi add-on that lets you set a schedule for re-scanning your library.

Under the Video and Music sections you can set how frequently updates occur.

By default all of your video sources will be scanned, but you can instead set specific folders to be scanned here.

Restart your Kodi if you had it opened, and enjoy the ability to update once again!