After consummating their romance, Lian Nichang decides to leave the cult and follow Zhuo Yihang in pursuit of an ordinary life away from the jianghu (martial artists' community).

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However, even after the victory, Lian Nichang vows never to forgive Zhuo Yihang for betraying her and walks away while Zhuo looks on helplessly.

In a brief epilogue set years later, Zhuo is alone in a remote mountain region guarding a rare flower that is said to bloom only once every several decades and has the ability to reverse the effects of ageing (turning white hair back to dark).

Believing that it can cure the harm he has inflicted on Lian Nichang, he awaits for the return of his loved one and hopes that she will show up.

A parody of Louis Cha's novel The Eagle Shooting Heroes (thats the literal translation).

Zhuo Yihang is forced to turn against Lian Nichang.

Devastated by her lover's rejection, Lian morphs into a vicious white-haired killer and slays all the coalition members present.Story begins with the Queen of Golden Wheel Kingdom had an affair with her cousin West Poison, and ...See full summary ยป Ming a marriage consultant who runs into the charming but blind Yeuk through a little help of a guardian angel.But Wushuang has disguised herself as a man, and the Emperor is incognito.Numerous confusions, complications and misunderstandings ensue: genders and gender-roles are reversed, class differences prove hard to negotiate and identities and egos block the promptings of desire. All 4 leads were perfect, the settings were gorgeous, the costumes were amazing, the story unfolded not quite as I thought it would, the witty one-liners got some good belly-laughs, and yes, that singing/dancing opera piece had me in stitches when in any other film it would get turned off. I had a good laugh watching this, now that the DVD is out I'll be ordering it. The other pair is decidedly lowborn: the wanderer Li Yilong (known as King Bully for the way he terrorized the town of Meilong in his youth) and his sister Phoenix, who still runs a restaurant in Meilong.