The carriers of these migratory waves were differently identified as proto-Illyrians, Bosnian Illyrians, Daco-Mysians, Phrygians, Mysians and Dardanians or bearers of the Urnfield culture.

One of the “commonplaces” of Balkan prehistoric archaeology are the supposed movements of large populations from the Balkans in several migration waves which eventually reached the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Alternatively, if you wish to purchase this article individually, you may do so via the University of Chicago’s website. There it was, set against a bank of trees down a secluded road near an old cemetery in the Kinderhaus district - a medieval leper colony - about 4 kilometres north of the city centre.

It took me two trips to Münster to see the caravan. A winding street led to the old hospital, which since 1986 has been a leprosy museum.

Das kann Hilfe in besonderen materiellen Notlagen oder auch der Zuschuss zu einer langersehnten Urlaubsreise sein.

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The thesis was marked with a double summa cum laude. (forthcoming) The Dead of Avaris: Past, present and future perspectives of mortuary archaeology at Tell el- Dab'a in the light of half a century of archaeological research. Review of Materiale Textkulturen: Konzepte-Materialien-Praktiken by Thomas Meier, Michael R. Una vision de sus relaciones, antecedents e influencia iconográfica by Inmaculada Vivas Sainz. Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 14Matić, Uroš. In this paper we would like to address these problems from both Egyptological and archaeological standpoint.

During my MA studies I worked as a demonstrator on the Department for Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, curator at the Museum of African Art (Belgrade) and as a junior assistant in Petnica Science Center (Valjevo, Serbia). Also, the argument on distribution of certain classes of objects thought to have foreign origin was based on formal typological features and not on archaeometry.

Oxford: Archaepress'' Archäologische Informationen Matić, Uroš. Thus, for example Dardanians were re-traced to d3rdny and Mysians to ms attested in New Kingdom Egyptian texts from the reign of Ramesses II.

'' Mädchen im Altertum / Girls in Antiquity. Some authors even re-traced the ethnic groups described in Greek and Roman sources to ethnonyms attested in New Kingdom Egyptian sources.

Read More The prodigious and protean production of Michael Asher has developed in critical response to its own definition as art, which perforce is situated within a physical context as well as an economic, social, political and historical one...

I am an archaeologist and Egyptologist based at Institut für Ägyptologie und Koptologie, Westfälische Wilhelms- Universität Münster, where I defended my doctoral dissertation on violent treatments of enemies and war prisoners in New Kingdom Egypt under the supervision of Prof. Angelika Lohwasser (IAEK, WW-Universität Münster) and Prof. The thesis was written thanks to the generous grant provided by Delta Foundation (Serbia) from 2012 to 2016. In Proceedings of 10th ICAANE Workshop ''50 years of Tell el-Dab'a'', Vienna 25-29 April 2016Matić, Uroš and Franković, Filip. Out of Date, Out of fashion - Historicity Behind the Change of Dress of Aegean Figures in Egyptian 18th Dynasty Theban Tombs. Firstly, even if we would agree with “pots equals peoples” premise for the sake of the argument, it is a fact that Peschiera fibulae, for example, are not depicted being worn by any of the Sea People warriors represented on New Kingdom Egyptian temple battle reliefs.

They were then interpreted by Balkan archaeologists as being among the Sea Peoples attested in Egyptian sources and referred to as “invaders” who destroyed Late Bronze Age centers of culture in the Eastern Mediterranean.