Now each sect fights to prove that they are the genuine sect. But there are some who believe that all except those who fully believe in their sect and its practices without questioning anything, alone will go to Heaven.Some sects are liberal enough to allow even non-Muslims to Heaven. Rest of all will be in Hell forever even if they do best of the deeds throughout their lives.Khushboo Ka Ghar was a 2012 Famous Pakistani drama serial which was Premiered on ARY Digital. Faysal Qureshi, Sana Askari, Raheel Butt and Anoushay Abbasi were the Lead Actors who played Pivotal Roles in the show.

So what is wrong if one refers to Qadiyani or Ahmadiyya sources?

Perhaps nothing, except that:– Qadiyanis/ Ahmadiyyas are considered Kafirs and are prosecuted by most Muslims for their radical beliefs.– Wahabis have been greatest enemies of Qadiyanis– The content of the Qadiyani writings that Zakir Bhai MBBS has swindled under his own name are blatantly against core beliefs of rest of the Muslims including Wahabis.

The show celebrated its fortieth anniversary in October 2010. Major corporations like Hitachi were prominent sponsors of the show.

"He is probably the most recognised PTV personality in Pakistan.” said former director of public relations and former press attaché to Bangladesh, Mohammed Hussain Malik. Bengalis who did not know any Urdu watched his show.

Among the most fanatic of these cults is the neo-Wahabi cult.

This is supposed to be the producer of largest number of terrorists including Osama and Al Qaeda since its inception in 18th century and has been a cause of disgrace for rest of the peace-loving Muslims. Yet it is the Muslims and Islamic clerics who hate Zakir Naik the most.But things are not so simple for a layman, and even a scholar.Along with the positive aspects, the position of women and the hypocrisy attached to it, is also common across the border.It was renamed as Tariq Aziz Show in 1997 and in 2006 took the name Bazm E Tariq Aziz. Neelam Ghar was the first television show in South Asia to have mass audience participation, commercial sponsorships for specific questions or question rounds, and extravagant prizes.Because while there is only one Quran and one Prophet Muhammad, there is tremendous variety in the types of interpretations that so-called Muslims make out of this book and this great social-reformer.