Stuff the bread with layers of provolone cheese and sliced pepperoni, pressing down on each layer as you build (you want it to be dense...approx.

8 slices of provolone and 6 slices of large pepperoni total shown here.

Though has risen from the ashes of the British Raj, it is unable to take flight, bound by the shackles of nothing but corruption, bigoted conservativeness, and the fight over trivial matters (Check out this post from Bhatta to see what i mean), when a diamond mine lies straight ahead.


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But for the fact that the host couldn't even pronounce the name right and wrongly assumed it was inspired by Rang De Basanti, it turned out to be an interesting capsule, when the party actually predates the movie.

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En el apartado de configuraciones podemos indicar algunas de nuestras preferencias como nuestro idioma, si somos hombre o mujer y si queremos conversar con mujeres, hombres o ambos.

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These golden words were spoken by lord Krishna to Partha, at the dawn of the first day of the Great Mahabharata War at Kuruksetra, when he is all disillusioned and has to make a choice between doing the right and fighting his brothers.

Fast-forward to present day and you can easily draw a metaphor to the above mentioned Partha and to the millions that make up this great country.

A set of educated (That would be an understatement) Indians, who could all have had a luxurious life at mansions in Hawaii or Silicon valley, have plunged into politics, with a vow for the betterment of society.