Forty grand of revenue is about to walk through that door and it's either here or The Allerton.

Planners of meetings, incentives, conferences and events are not particularly interested in individual hotels or venues, DMCs or motorcoaches.

First and foremost they're interested in how destinations - as a whole - can provide them with integrated solutions where all players pull together seamlessly to deliver the perfect event.

But without culture there's no reason to travel at all, no real meaning to the journey.

Download brochure (pdf) Delaney and Gilligan are lifelong friends who started to work together within the Meetings and Events industry in 1994.

Thriving and prospering in this brave new world means being equipped to deal with multiple perspectives and understanding that, despite our common humanity, one size doesn't fit all.

As former leaders of a enterprise with offices at over 100 locations around the world, Delaney and Gilligan have first hand experience at negotiating this cultural minefield and building a successful business across several lingustic and ethnic groups.

However, the also learned the over-riding importance of culture and the need to express this with clear, concise mission, vision and values statements.

They also learned, above all, that culture needs to be lived and modeled daily, particularly by the leadership in the organisation.

Download brochure (pdf) As a small company in a 2nd tier destination we quickly learned that clients had limited or no time to listen to "another DMC pitch" but endless scope to hear how an entire destination could bring added value to their meeting and event requirements.